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Dorothy Musasizi

 Name: Dorothy Musasizi
 Type: Caregiver
 Experiences: 3-5 years
 About me: Am a very caring 'patient,hardworking,honestunderstaning the client needs .....

View details | Location(City) :  atascadero /san luis obispo,ca  Updated On: 01-03-2013

Anita Potts

 Name: Anita Potts
 Type: Caregiver
 Experiences: 0 - 1 year
 About me: Not provided

View details | Location(City) :  Miami,  Updated On: 01-02-2013

Addi Frazier

 Name: Addi Frazier
 Type: Caregiver
 Experiences: 2-3 years
 About me: • Shared joint responsibility for the care of mentally and physically disabled clients. • Excel.....

View details | Location(City) :  Yuma,Arizona  Updated On: 12-08-2012

Ida Steininger

 Name: Ida Steininger
 Type: Caregiver
 Experiences: 0 - 1 year
 About me: Not provided

View details | Location(City) :  Santa Barbara,  Updated On: 11-29-2012

Adriana Guerrero

 Name: Adriana Guerrero
 Type: Caregiver
 Experiences: 0-1 years
 About me: studied the field of Human Services. Currently in the process of being state certified as a CNA.....

View details | Location(City) :  Lompoc,Ca  Updated On: 11-29-2012