Tulungan.com Officially Launched

Tulungan.com is officially launched on October 12, 2012. Tulungan.com is a free healthcare job portal in United States that concentrates solely on the caregiving side of healthcare profession. Tulungan.com specifically connects healthcare professional such as caregivers, Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA's), Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN's), and Registered Nurse (RN's) with employers. Unlike other job website that offer a wide array of healthcare jobs, Tulungan.com stays focused specifically on the nursing field.

Caregiver and nurses are in integral part of healthcare system. Without them, medical field cannot survive. Tulungan.com values and respects these care providers. Therefore, Tulungan.com does not and will not charge any fees for the services it provides.

In the future, Tulungan.com will provide nursing resources for nurses and nursing students in the Forum section. The forum will be expanded to assist healthcare providers and nursing student to become a better nurses.